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Members Area

Welcome to the members area, here is where you will email your posts each day.

Compose your email in html language and email to the following email address. Paidposts@beatsbyphone.com

Rules for posting:

1. 150 characters or less

2. No pornographic images or materials

3. Only post once a day, if you want to post more than once a day then you can contact us by email for a bulk text plan.

4. All posts must be related to rap beats and hip hop beats and contain a link for the buyers to listen to the beats, Flash players may or may not work depending on the users settings.


Tips For Success:

When composing your text message, don’t just send the buyers to your website. Most phones are not able to read flash players so they will just see your site but not be able to listen.
The best thing to do is create a 1 minute snippet of the beat in mp3 format,with a paypal buy button next to the link.

So simply set up a page, insert the mp3 into the page and set a buy button next to it. When buyers land on the page they can click the link which will download the snippet on to their phone.
If you are concerned about people stealing your beats, put a voice tag over the snippets so you can brand your site when they listen to the beat.

This seems to be the most effective way to turn listeners into buyers.

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