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Who got the beat r&b beats online? Where can I find hot r&b instrumentals? How do I find the bestr&b beats and r&b instrumentals in a quick and efficient manner?  Well if you an r&b artist and need to find r&b instrumentals, then having to look for them is probably the most tedious part of being an artist.

Finding the right R&b beat is a whole different story and depending on how much time you have to look for r&b beats, it can be very frustrating.

Find R&b Beats and R&B instrumentals online and instead of having to go out and surf the internet to find your r&b beats, you can now have them sent directly to your cell phone.  Why spend hours and hours of searching when you can lay back and have new r&b beats and new r&b instrumentals sent directly to your cell phone.

BeatsByPhone.com will send directly to your phone R&B Beat Alerts of new beats and tracks that are being posted on the internet.  Instead of trying to find R&B beats all day, you can now just review the r&b beats on your smart phone and be able to listen to them and even buy the r&b beat if your phone is smart enough to allow you to purchase the r&b beats online.

Most r&b artists are always looking for the hot r&b tracks that is going to get them the exposure they need to further their career.  The process of finding r&b beats can sometimes be very time consuming and after awhile your ear can get tired from hearing so many r&b beats, some good and some not so good.

That is part of the process but BeatsByPhone.Com believes that there is an easier way to find and audition r&b beats for your next project.

You can join for free and have r&b beats sent to your phone via text on a daily basis and you can opt out at anytime once you have found the beats that you need.

It’s free to join and all you have to do is enter your cell number on the left side of the page and you will get an email confirmation stating that you have been added to our list.   You will then start receiving r&b beat alerts within 24 hours of signing up.

If you are a producer and want to sell more r&b beats, you can join our site for a small monthly membership fee of only $19.95 per month which allows you to post 1 post a day with links to your r&b beats.  If you don’t want to sign up for the membership, you can do a pay per post method which allows you to post 1 time for a small fee of only $1.95.

If you are a new r&b producer and don’t have a big list of buyers to market to, this is an excellent way for you to reach r&b buyers who are interested in buying r&b beats and are looking to buy beats.  Even if you already have a big list of buyers that you market to, this is just another way to even make that list bigger by reaching r&b beat buyers who may not be on your list.

If you are r&b artist, you can JOIN FOR FREE, matter of fact you don’t even have to join, just enter your cell number into the subscriber box on the left side of the home page and we you will get an email alerting you of joining our text list.

Get R&B Beats,R&B Instrumentals sent directly to our cell phone, and remember it’s FREE TO JOIN!!!

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