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Free Beats

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Free Beats was created and produced by Chris Sullivan with the support of the Sierra Mist Creative Lab which promotes emerging comedy talent.l When you are looking for free rap beats and free hip hop instrumentals, you got to check out this site called They got some hot beats online that you can download right now. If you are looking for free rap beats and free rap instrumentals to download, you can find them there as well.  There are many places where you can buy rap beats and buy rap instrumentals and if you are looking for hot rap beats, you can find them right here at  You can have rap beats and free beats sent to your cell phone and listen or buy the full version of you like the beats.   Find free beats here.

Rap Beats – Rap Beats Instrumental

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Download the best rap beats, hip hop beats, rap beat instrumentals all royalty free! Download this rap hip hip beat and thousands more at click here.

You can also find hot rap beats and hop hip hop beats at Rap Beats

Hip Hop & Rap Instrumentals, Vol. 2: Free Style Beats

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The best rap beats are usually done by artists who are not yet popular in the music industry! Most of us do not know they exist because they sell the rights of their composed beats to music moguls for a big amount of cash. So how exactly do they manage to do it? Well, these people are very talented and therein lies the answer. But even the most talented people do need some guiding and help at times!

So before you could actually decide on buying software that you would need for that soon-to-be hobby of yours, make sure you have earned the right skills for it. But this kind of music artistry needs more than knack. Popular hip-hop artists know the ins and outs of earning a name in this industry. Usually, it takes passion and love for your craft. This is not something that you do because you like it at a time-and may find it boring at other times.

The software will make you do your craft quite easier, especially if you are doing more than orchestrating beats that the listeners may like. Most artists of this field do more than making the beats. Some do remixes and mix different beats for disco pubs and music lounges. You can do these things too.

Hip Hop & Rap Instrumentals, Vol. 2: Free Style Beats

NY Rap Beats,Instrumentals

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Instrumentals – NY Rap Beats  When you are looking new york rap beats, you got to have them east coast beats coming hard.  Check out for east coast beats online.


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INSTANT DOWNLOAD! ONLY $24.99 FOR 20 BANGERZ! Get all types of rap beats and hip hop beats online.

Check out for some hot beats.

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Making Dirty South Beats

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Making Dirty South Beats

When you are looking to make dirty south beats and make dirty south instrumentals, you got to have the right sounds and samples in order to make the best beats and the best instrumentals.  Dirty south beats are easy to make and dirty south instrumentals are now a breeze to make when you use the right beat making software and the right beat software.

Stop trying to make dirty south beats with wack samples and wack instrumentals when all you need to do is use the right beat making software. • DOWNLOAD 300mb FREE LOOPS – plus free music poduction tutorials and tricks, $200 monthly producer Remix Competiton, and loads more! Nice! Platinum Crunk Grooves Were back with our latest sound suite, and its a killer! The ultimate collection of brand new royalty free Platinum Crunk grooves & Dirty South samples representing the new era of Dirty South, Hip Hop & R&B Production. This extensive collection is jam-packed with over 200 loops arranged into over 20 multi-tracked grooves for the complete platinum solution. If you get down to the sounds of Lil John, Timbaland, Dipset.

Three 6 Mafia, amongst many others, youre going to love what is inside this extensive money-making package containing all the tools you need to create the biggest club hits right now! Alongside the bouncin 808 sub kick patterns, big snare rolls & intricate shaker flares, you will also find huge synth hooks from the industrys leading synths, orchestral licks, panned out tom rolls and much more. Included is a varied selection of real down & dirty ATL beats, to classic southside mixtape & albums bangers, and of course, plenty of big club anthems for good measure! Each Groove contains 10-20 matching loops, for example, one groove may contain: synth lead, 808 drums, synth pad, orchestra strings, and so onall of which layer perfectly together, and can be arranged, remixed and edited any way you wish for instant results and enhanced workflow. Each groove has been mastered & optimised to

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Rap Beats Volume

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Rap Beats

Album Description
The Music Business is “Highly Competitive”, and getting a foot in the door can be “Notoriously Difficult”. With this in mind you should “Never” under-estimate the power of a “Professional Demo”. If you don’t hook your listener within the first 15 seconds of your music, chances are “They Won’t” listen to the rest of the demo or just skip to the next song or cd.Our elite team of 6 Hot Rap and R & B producers have put together 6 individual volumes of high – quality rap b… More >>

Rap Beats Volume#6

If you desire to be a rap artist, you will at some point need to buy rap beats to go along with your lyrics. Your other choices are to find someone to create rap beats for you are make them yourself but both of these options can be hard when you are first getting started. The easiest option is going to be to buy rap beats online. There is nothing wrong with buying rap beats already prepared by someone else. A great number of new artist buy rap beats everyday. Knowing where to buy rap beats can be the first hurdle and then knowing which ones are going to be the quality you want when you are looking to buy rap beats.


Rap Beats|Rap Instrumentals|Free Rap Beats|Beats| Buy Hip Hop Beats, Rap Beats,

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